Geoffrey Garrat as Skimbleshanks

The Cat of the Railway Train, Skimbleshanks acts as a mascot and/or superviser to the Night Mail train. He is a yellow-orange tabby who, for his song "Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat", wears a conductor's vest, a collar with a bell, and conductor-type armwarmers. He is usually portrayed as being around Jennyanydots' age, maybe a little younger. He acts as a friendly "uncle" to all of the younger cats, and some people believe that Etcetera and Electra, or Mungojerrie and/or Rumpleteazer, are his children. He is possibly Jellylorum's or Jennyanydots' mate, more likely Jennyanydots. In the 1998 film, Skimbleshanks has a Scottish accent.


Skimbleshanks is portrayed by Geoffrey Garrat in the 1998 film.