Jacob Brent as Quaxo/chorus Mistoffelees (note the white arm/legwarmers)

When Mistoffelees appears as a general chorus cat throughout the show, he is dressed slightly differently and often referred to as "Quaxo." This has lead to some confusion over whether Quaxo is Mistoffelees' alter ego, or the character's name is really Quaxo and he adopts the stage name of Mr. Mistoffelees while doing magic, or whether Quaxo and Mistoffelees are not the same cat at all. In the 1998 film credits, the character is credited as simply "Mistoffelees," and the credit shots include a shot of Quaxo/Mistoffelees in his Quaxo or chorus Mistoffelees costume. This costume differs from Mr. Mistoffelees' special costume in that it is less sparkly and includes white arm- and legwarmers.

In a few productions, Quaxo is a totally separate character from Mistoffelees, played by a different actor.


Quaxo/chorus Mistoffelees is portrayed by Jacob Brent in the 1998 film.