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Susie McKenna as Jennyanydots in her fat suit; her flapper costume; and her tabby costume

The old, motherly Gumbie Cat, who sleeps and appears lazy during the day, but organizes the household and betters the mice and cockroaches at night. At the beginning of her song "The Old Gumbie Cat," she wears a gray and tan "fat suit," which she later takes off to reveal a yellow and orange "flapper"-style outfit which she dances the Beetles' Tattoo in. For the rest of the musical she wears an orange, yellow, and white tabby costume. She is possibly Asparagus', Bustopher Jones' or Skimbleshanks' mate, most likely Skimbleshanks. She seems to dislike Grizabella intensely.


Jennyanydots is portrayed by Susie McKenna in the 1998 film.