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Aeva May as Demeter

This black-and-gold queen has been described as "skittish", but in fact is not so, except during the Macavity scares. She is, however, definitely less outgoing than her friend (and most probably sister) Bombalurina. (She and Bombalurina wear the same style of spiked collar, as well as the same type of gloves instead of armwarmers, providing physical as well as relational support for the sisterhood theory.) Apart from her fear of Macavity, which many people believe is the result of a former abusive relationship between them, Demeter is a strong, independent queen. Macavity tries to kidnap her after taking Old Deuteronomy, but she is rescued by Munkustrap and Alonzo. She sings about Macavity in "Macavity: the Mystery Cat" with Bombalurina. It is a widely held opinion that she and Munkustrap are mates. As opposed to Bombalurina (or perhaps because of Bombalurina), in the 1998 film and some other productions she seems to dislike Rum Tum Tugger.


Demeter is portrayed by Aeva May in the 1998 film.