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James Barron as Bustopher Jones

A "cat about town", a fat "twenty-five pounder" tomcat who has a black coat, resembling a suit, and white markings on his legs, resembling spats. Bustopher visits all the fashionable clubs and loves to eat. Jennyanydots appears to have something of a crush on him, as she swoons after he kisses her hand or gives her his buttonhole flower at the end of "Bustopher Jones". Bustopher Jones carries a large spoon or ladle (the size of a walking stick), and has a large red carnation in his buttonhole. His color pattern is similar to Mistoffelees', and some people believe him to be Mistoffelees' uncle or father. Bustopher may also be the father of Victoria, as they both have some white on them. I always envisioned him as the lover of Jennyanydots, although he could also be in a relationship with Jellylorum or Bombalurina.


Bustopher Jones is portrayed by James Barron in the 1998 film.