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Tony Timberlake as Asparagus

Presumably a younger version of Gus the Theatre Cat, and a general chorus cat. In most productions, the actor playing Gus acts as Asparagus until Gus' song, and then resumes the part of Asparagus after his song is over. However, in the 1998 film Gus and Asparagus were played by different actors, as Sir John Mills, who played Gus, was old and could not have performed the dance sections. This has led to some theorizing that Gus and Asparagus are not the same cat at all, but rather that Asparagus is Gus' son or younger brother. Asparagus is possibly mates with Jellylorum or Jennyanydots.


Asparagus is portrayed by Tony Timberlake in the 1998 film. Tony Timberlake was due to perform Growltiger in the film, but Sir John Mills' filming over-ran and the section had to be cut.